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The more Humans awake to the fact that they have chosen this Earthly experience, the greater the need for Earth School teachers.

You know who you are -

Intuitive, lightworker, Shaman, Reiki master, tarot reader, meditation guide, yoga teacher, astrologer, life / soul coach, Sherpa, massage therapist, acupuncturist, trainer, nutritionist, naturopath, etc.

Anyone who is a member of the Transformation Industry and believes in the whol-istic care and feeding of our Divine being - Spirit, Energy, Mind, and Body.

"Ecstasy... and Then the Laundry"

You need to focus on serving your highest greatest good, not marketing your practice, or worrying about your next gig.

How HAM-BA Can Help You

More Than Just Marketing & Production

The Rise in the Collective Consciousness is accelerating. The best way to accommodate the growth of Awakened souls embracing their love and light is for healers of all modalities to work together.

HAM-BA is building a cooperative collaborative cross-pollinating magical fusion of healers, entertainers, and socially conscious retailers. The aim is to support each other and welcome new members to the Tribe of the Spiritually Awake.

HAM-BA's Mission is Multifaceted

HAM-BA's Mantra

When everybody does well, everybody does well.

Does this Jive with your Vibe?
Welcome to the Tribe!

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